About Us

The Brand:

What makes Maarz Pearls special is that each piece is unique and one of a kind. Since pearls and stones vary in their shape and size, each piece made varies making each piece special in its own way. Maryam has redefined pearls to being not just round lustrous mass but the art of wearing classy wearable jewellery that adorns like nothing else!

Maarz offers variety to her collections and doesn’t repeat her designs. Maarz Pearls offers different collections in a year but has signature collections throughout the year which are our best sellers and Limited Editions launched twice a year. These are just one off pieces made with fusion of pearls and pieces hand picked from our travel from around the world.

Our pieces are set mostly in 18K Gold Plating and Sterling silver. We  work around all shapes, sizes and sorts of fresh water, cultured pearls, multi gem stones and crystals.


The Designer:


The brain child behind Maarz Pearls is designer Maryam, who started her career in finance until she found her true calling in designing jewellery!

During her travels, maryam observed that pearls were often viewed as boring, or only for older women. Her vision is that they can be worn by anyone, at any age, and so she became inspired to make them funkier and more exciting by combining them with other materials.

Her designs combine lustrous freshwater pearls with semi-precious stones, silver and 18-carat gold. Each piece is designed by maryam herself, which is then crafted by skilled workers in around Southeast asia.

Her pieces can easily be dressed up or down, and pair well with anything from casual weekend outfits to office wear or formal evening attire. She  believes there’s something for everyone, whether you like big, chunky jewellery or prefer something more subtle. Through Maarz Pearls, she wants to break the mould and show that you can wear pearls however and whenever you want to.


Maarz's mantra is: if it feels good, it looks good!