Maarz Pearls of Wisdom

Maarz Pearls of Wisdom

Forget the old fashioned connotations of twinset and pearls; Maarz Pearls are anything but mundane.  Local designer, Maryam Haroon, the founder of Maarz Pearls breathes fresh life into this classic.  Originally founded in 2010, and what began as a hobby, grew into a viable business after glowing feedback from friends and family inspiring Maryam to take the next step. Maarz is Maryam’s nickname and as she has always been a keen lover of pearls, it was only natural that they would become the lynch pin of each collection. It is only now after numerous relocations, as is the wandering expat way, that Maryam can fully focus on her plans to make Maarz Pearls available much more broadly – accessible to everyone.

Maryam is a strong believer in the statement piece, which of course, was music to our ears! Favourites of ours included long necklaces from the MANA Collection, inspired by Maryam’s eldest daughter, Mana, who brings glitter and bling wherever she goes – definitely our type of girl! Long necklaces with chunky shimmering, unique pearl baubles that can also be easily doubled up caught our eye.  Everyone loves a tassel necklace but Maarz Pearls takes the whole tassel concept to a new level teaming glistening beaded tassels made from semi precious stones with baroque pearls and serious chunks of eye catching druzy.  In fact, these pieces are so attractive, that passers by stopped us in our tracks on our shoot at Chijmes to have a closer inspection. The designs feel so good in the hand that you can’t help but be captivated by their natural beauty. The passers by agreed and booked an appointment with Maryam so great was the allure. And most alluring of all…these pieces will not break the bank!

Maarz pearls are currently available by appointment only, but don’t be put off, Maryam is lovely and promises there is no obligation to buy on making an appointment.  So don’t delay, make an appointment today! A website is in the works as we speak.

Dress: David’s Daughter | Jewels: Maarz Pearls | Bag: Gucci | Shoes: Colin Stuart

Dress: David’s Daughter | Jewels: Maarz Pearls | Bag: Ling Wu | Shoes: The Tui Collection  

 Dress: GINLEE Studio | Jewels: Maarz Pearls | Bag: Chanel | Shoes: Kotur

Top: Dorothy Perkins | Pants: Simone Irani | Shoes:  LADO | Jewels: Maarz Pearls