The Lure of Maarz Pearls

The Lure of Maarz Pearls

This is our second collaboration with Maarz Pearls a Singaporean based jewellery label specialising in freshwater pearls with a twist. Maryam Haroon is the designer behind Maarz Pearls and Maarz is her nickname if you were wondering about the origin of the label’s name. For this shoot, we decided to take ourselves down to the National Gallery in Singapore and thought the luxurious feel of the pearls would work well with the grandiose pillars and exterior of the National Gallery.

We know that you love to hear what goes on behind the scenes of a shoot and this one was memorable for the Velcro toilet attendant that we encountered who it seems had aspirations to become Head of Security at the National Gallery. Usually toilet attendants give us a cursory glance and let us get on unhindered. But not this Lady. She decided in no uncertain terms that we were not to be trusted. Her fixed glare did not leave us while we primped and preened ourselves in front of the mirrors in the the ground floor Ladies. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround between looks but for some reason this outfit change was not one of our personal best times. Make up had to be fixed due to the sweltering conditions outside and jewels had to be adorned and arranged. We must have been a good 15 minutes…and during this whole time the toilet attendant’s fixed stare did not wander once. When we were ready to go she continued to stick to us like Velcro and escorted us from the building. We’re pretty sure given half the chance she would have frogmarched us out of the Gallery and made a citizen’s arrest (do these exist in Singapore?!)

Once we had been deposited outside the building by Ms. Velcro Toilet Attendant wannabe Head of Security, we continued with the business in hand of shooting these wondrous jewels. The pieces we shot this time for Maarz Pearls were a mix of collections, but our standout favourites are from the limited and special collections where Maryam designs pieces for those that love a chunky statement piece, which of course we do at Ms.Yin | Ms.Yang. So, we LOVED the gargantuan pearls and dazzling druzy pieces.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story and so too does every photo shoot! Be sure to tune in next time for more tales from behind the scenes.

Maarz Pearls are currently available by appointment only but a website is due to be launched in July.

Jacket: Chicameo | Top: Grana | Pants: Phase Eight | Bag: Desti Saint | Shoes:  RIA Menorca S.E.A   Dress: Erika Pena | Shoes: The Tui Collection | Belt: Vintage | Bag: Street Market in Bali  Top:  Grana | Pants: Monsoon | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Desti Saint Dress: Nao | Robe: Maison Zhou | Shoes: Sam Edelman Top:  Grana | Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: Renvy

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